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eyes with delight ☆
15 December 2009 @ 01:34 am
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eyes with delight ☆
15 November 2009 @ 02:53 pm
I HAVE BEEN MISSING. or my heart has been missing. and I am in the middle of A levels, which is BAD, LIEK. Really bad for a Tenipuri resurgence. And I have totally not been keeping up with the manga beyond what my brother has been telling me. but HOLA, EVERYBODY. I AM NEEDING TO WRITE TEZUKA/ FUJI. SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Please kill me with your prompts. I will churn them out endlessly after the 25th of November. It seems I have missed every fic exchange in the universe (sadfaces). PLEASE GIVE PROMPTS! CRY OF DESPERATION!

ON OTHER THINGS, at present I am hating Pride & Prejudice. Also Othello. Lit on Tuesday boohoohoo.
eyes with delight ☆
02 October 2008 @ 11:02 pm
Right so NO I have not died, just that Cambridge + Philippines + PROMOS took my life away for a while but now that it is all over I am back & LEARNING TO MAKE BENTO. Case in point:

The Japanese make all these incredible molds that make life v v v easy even for one as domestically uninclined as I! *happy squirm* Managed to make everything into flower-shape from my hardboiled egg to my fried egg to my onigiri to my carrots, then filled up all the spaces with cherry tomatoes and broccoli yay.

CAMBRIDGE IS REALLY GORGEOUS & I miss it so much! And Mayon was SMOKIN'. Quite literally. Both places were lovely in their own way & THE FOOD WAS GREAT. It was so amazing in the Philippines cos we got a police escort and all everywhere! && we got to stay in UPNISMED and gawk at their museum of geology and peruse the geology library books :D And play around with the rock specimens. (Serpentine! Muscovite! Biotite! Slate! Conglomerate! etc, etc) ++ the Singapore shirts were awesome they said WE ARE VERY GNEISS at the back (Gneiss is pronounced 'Nice', see) so that helped us Make Friends.

eyes with delight ☆
02 August 2008 @ 08:08 am
In a bid to make the prospect of getting out of my cocoon of blankets at 7 in the morning to face the world (i.e. try not to whimper and die at the prospect of double Maths) I set Kitto Daijoubu by Arashi as my alarm ringtone, which has the reverse effect of making me get out of bed and stagger around blearily in an approximation of dancing. At this point I want to wax lyrical about my eternal love for Arashi (Nino's flaily hands and general adorable little-kid-ness & Sho's incomprehensible rapping (LIKE JAY CHOU, only Japanese, and that's because I don't get what he's saying ; ;) & MATSUJUN'S ULTIMATE GH3Y (OMGOMGOMG THEY TOOK THE ANGLE ON HIM IN EYES WITH DELIGHT OFF YOUTUBE this is a tragedy of Othello magnitude!!1! & their *AWESOME LYRICS & their amazing music videos and perfomances) Oh Arashi <3 YOU ARE MY SOUL SOUL.

If you have never heard Kitto Daijoubu: go forth now, the world will be a ~better place~ with flying rainbows and flying hearts.

Cases In Point:
* "Tell me what you want, ah ah, weekend gonna make love ah ah, from monday to sunday every every every day lucky lucky lucky my life" -- Kitto Daijoubu
"Oh love you love you, your eyes with delight" -- Eyes With Delight (which I only heard as OH RUBYOU RUBYOU, YOUR LOFF IS DELIGHT for forever)

NOTE TO SELF: MUST. DO. PW. NOW. I woke up at 7.40 to do filing and Evaluation of Solutions before we go for breakfast  at Holland V and I have whiled away my time instead on this black hole called LJ. And I have not packed and I am leaving on Tuesday for two weeks to go to Cambridge!

...epic fail.
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eyes with delight ☆
30 July 2008 @ 03:38 pm
The fact that I am posting twice! in! two! days! says something about my rapid re-descent into PoT fandom (and is also related to clicking around all my old Tezuka/ Fuji mems like THIS ONE and looking at screencaps with adorable ichinen Tez (^o^)b which warrants the lame emoticon. seriously. ++ HELLO TO THE NEW FRIENDS I have made, some of whom I have admired from afar after reading their fic -throws confetti around in spazzy fangirl moment-

alksdfjlasdfj I am insanely hungry now I think I could eat a cow. And to think that we just did a comprehension on Animal Rights. BIOFUELS PRESENTATION WAS OKAY & I am v thankful.

Ack a Woman from the Student Affairs Centre just called to menace me about the blazer I loaned all the way back in like, May ): graaaaarh.

Out of boredom (I have such bad time management inorite :0 ) -

1. Pick any original/fandom character I've ever written. (the former does not apply in my case)
2. Ask this character three (and only 3) questions.
3. a. The character will answer the questions, or
    b. I will write you a drabble using your question as a prompt.
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eyes with delight ☆
right so the cactuscontinuum fic is finally! concluded! after much angst (thank you to thea and naomi for saving my ass and beta-ing despite pdubs) and it is up so I am feeling marginally less irresponsible. unfortunately my pot_bth fic is due too and I doubt there will be any time in Cambridge to finish it up ie I have to FINISH IT BEFORE I GO cri cri omg why did I sign up for this anyway *______* if I had the time I would be ruminating on why I actually find Oshitari/ Gakuto fic 23084384 times easier to write than Tezuka/ Fuji (there are so many reasons for this omgz) but unfortunately I am supposed to be doing a worksheet on Biofuels (also known as using animal poop to power cars) and my youngest brother is leaping around singing the Pokemon Centre healing song thing so I will just merrily announce that I AM REALLY DEAD FOR THE INTERNATIONAL EARTH SCIENCE OLYMPIAD hereby known as IESO which makes me feel damn terrible about the fact that they are sending me and three people all the way to the Philippines to compete D: against teams like the US, who have their own website and apparently undergo some major intensive training  doom sia.

WELL ANYWAY on a more optimistic note: I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT A) GOING TO THE UK NEXT TUESDAY B) GOING TO THE PHILIPPINES TO LOOK AT MT MAYON AND STAY IN THE UNIVERSITY HOSTEL WITH CHARLOTTE oh what havoc we will wreak. There are many PoT fans in the Philippines ehhhh how cool right maybe I'll run into some :D :D
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eyes with delight ☆
20 April 2008 @ 06:53 pm

This is an excerpt from the Wedding Scene in College Play.

Mrs Soames (an old woman who pretty much sounds like she's completely on drugs): ... doesn't she make a lovely bride!

George (the groom, in reply to the minister): I do.

I find the above insanely amusing, and have to try hard to suppress my giggles throughout it. I suppose if it gets too bad I can stuff my face into my fake bouquet and pretend to be overcome with emotion.

What I do not find quite as amusing is the following.

Mr Booth: We'll work on the kissing and so on later -waves hand dismissively-

(My co-actor and I look at each other in horror; we're doing Our Town by Thornton Wilder and he is George Gibbs and I Emily Webb, so we are... marrying each other in Act 2. There are a good number of really soppy lines that just call for High School Musical songs to be playing in the background, we have to 'fall into each other's arms', and 'run joyously up the aisle' of the Performing Arts Centre)

Me: Mr Booth... you don't really mean it, do you? We don't have to do the kiss, right...?

Mr Booth (with surprise): Why, of course you do!

IT IS ENTIRELY TOO LATE TO PLAY APRIL FOOL'S JOKES, MR BOOTH. I am going to get lynched by my co-actor's bloody harem (not kidding on that one)! alskdfjalksdjflkjfs.
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eyes with delight ☆
14 April 2008 @ 08:32 pm
I needed a break from a) the Tezuka/Fuji that is EATING MY LIFE b) Chinese 作文 c) GRAPHING AND LINEAR INEQUALITIES D: so I will do a prompt someone gave me a long! time! ago!
...it turns out I have forgotte how to titrate, so I will tackle that topic another day. uwaaaaa ;_; Ms Goh would be so ashamed of me.
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eyes with delight ☆
13 April 2008 @ 01:34 pm
I could possibly be the only person in the world who cracked up at this -->

The five basic metamorphic textures with typical rock types are:

Slaty: slate and phyllite; the foliation is called 'slaty cleavage'

obviously, geologists have a lot more than rocks on their minds.
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eyes with delight ☆
12 April 2008 @ 08:49 pm
the two above concepts always appear in the same sentence when I think about the first. I believe they have a cause-effect relationship. I will draw a graph to illustrate it someday. aklsdjfalskjflsjdf this unit on Graphing Techniques is driving me a bit insane, I suppose this serves me right for skipping math lectures (in defence: I was sick! and absent from school!) and playing Tetris on my graphing calculator the rest of the time.

On other things, there is a video circulating around class on valval_zai's handphone that is four minutes long and of me completely embarrassing myself while playing pokemon in the RI canteen. Apparently key highlights include me shrieking NO! NO! AAAAAAH I NEED A POTION NOW (and permutations thereof) as well as shaking the DS and going manically YAY YAY YAY EMBERRRRRR BURN, RATTATA, BURN UNDER THE MIGHT THAT IS CHARMANDER, LEVEL 9! HAHAHAHAHA.

I wouldn't know, nobody's letting me near the vid for fear I delete it. >:/ Also I don't remember doing any of the above, um. Perhaps my brain deletes embarrassing memories automatically, but in that case it is likely that I will only have about 16% of my memories from the day I was born. Which says a lot, really. D:

They cancelled 2.4km run on Friday because of intermittent lightning! Which means we have to run it next Friday instead. Woe!

Chocolate fudge cake yay. Technically it belongs to my sister, who brought it home from her friend's house, but! She is at my aunt's until tomorrow and she's in the papers anyway so I doubt she will begrudge me the cake 0:) since she has NATIONAL FAME already uwaaaaa.

BACK TO MATH, which I have been neglecting for my fic writing >____< ack. vierblith_tefu!!!! I am horribly sorry, my knitting fic petered out so I am reserving it for something else when I do not need to stick tightly to "hobby".  I promise I will dedicate it to you when I write it. So now I have this weird pseudo AU that is plotless and long and eating my life completely and I think Fuji is beginning to sound like a stalkerly pedophile aaaaaaah HUGE PANICKY FLAILING.

If you have not seen the musical with Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse = The Bandwagon, GO FORTH NOW AND WATCH IT.
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